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Economic espionage isn't just one company attempting to steal another's trade secrets. It is also the reaction of employees to company downsizing. And, it is the obtaining of information on key executives in another company.

In this age of layoffs, employees are "getting even" and are stealing, committing acts of sabotage, and are taking company secrets to competitors. The methods include pilfering of customer lists, technical data, and trash; installation of eavesdropping transmitters; unauthorized reproduction of documents; bribery; interception of fax and telephone communications; and theft of an executive's laptop.

Espionage is the gathering of intelligence. FBI Special Agents are experts in foreign counterintelligence involving national security. MAI professionals include former FBI agents whose expertise is the detection of espionage and sabotage. MAI members are trained espionage investigators with many years of experience who conduct professional, discreet and sensitive investigations.

Technical Electronic Surveillance Countermeasures

MAI technical professionals are former FBI Special Agents trained in the state-of-the-art of electronic countermeasures. Their expertise includes the detection of wiretaps, listening devices, hidden transmitters and a host of other electronic "bugs."

MAI provides professional Technical Electronic Surveillance Countermeasures Inspection services to a full range of corporate clients, high net worth private clients and for newly elected governments throughout the United States and internationally. MAI technical associates have over 100 years of experience in electronic surveillance and counter surveillance methods and operations. Our experts focus considerable training, practical experience, and talent to the client's communications privacy concerns.

MAI's technical specialists combine the expertise, skills and experience of former FBI Agents who have previously fought against Organized Crime, Narcotics Trafficking, Foreign Counter Intelligence (espionage), International Terrorism and White Collar Crime. As MAI associates, they are now teamed to combat Corporate Espionage and Economic Spying in the detection of eavesdropping threats to include:

  1. Wiretaps

  2. Listening Devices

  3. Hidden Transmitters

  4. Other Electronic "Bugs"

  5. Covert CCTV

Eavesdropping devices are susceptible and can be exploited through the proper use of detection tools and procedures. Economic spies may be listening to, or recording everything that happens at the suspect premises. Eavesdroppers are known to place radio transmitters in conference rooms just prior to important meetings. The types of information that can be compromised include:

  1. Telephone conversations

  2. Fax transmissions

  3. Room conversations

  4. Computer data

MAI's Technical Electronic Surveillance Countermeasures Inspections counter the eavesdropper threat. Irrespective of the suspected compromise, a full MAI inspection includes searching for telephone wiretaps and modifications, clandestine radio transmitters, video cameras and other electronic surveillance "bugs."

An MAI Technical Electronic Surveillance Countermeasures Inspection includes the following services:

  1. A telephone system analysis of the telephone switch rooms, telephone instruments, and telephone cabling.

  2. A carrier current RF spectrum analysis of AC outlets, telephone cable, and other wiring as appropriate, to detect devices capable of transmitting communications.

  3. A physical search of the target site for hidden microphones, transmitters, audio recorders, closed circuit television (CCTV) systems, and any other interception devices.

  4. Digital telephone system analysis including instruments, incoming trunks, in-house cabling, and peripheral equipment for intercept devices

  5. An infrared (IR) search of all appropriate access areas to detect and locate intercept systems using optics to relay communications (IR, Laser, etc.)

  6. Electronic inspections for covert video transmissions

  7. A carrier current RF spectrum analysis of AC outlets, telephone cable, computer lines, and other wiring as appropriate, to detect devices capable of transmitting communications

  8. An electronic search of the area with a Non-linear Junction Detector to detect and locate dormant (on or off) or remotely activated communication recording devices

  9. An optic search of the area with a Thermal Imager to detect and locate communication and recording devices providing heat signatures

  10. Acoustic Leakage testing with amplifiers and contact microphones to determine loss of communications through air ducts, water pipes, windows, etc.

  11. Analysis of all wire runs either into or out of the concerned areas

  12. Specific recommendations to protect against the interception of communications and data.

  13. A threat assessment discussion.

Our technical experts can also install tiny hidden television cameras with lenses the diameter of lead pencils for use in electronic surveillance.

Our Professional Technicians have been certified and provided training at the following institutions and conferences:

  1. US Government Inter-Agency Training Center

  2. FBI Academy - Quantico, Virginia

  3. Information Security Associates - Stamford, CT

  4. Research Electronics International - Algood, TN

  5. National Technical Investigators Association

MAI's five 2-person TSCM Teams are located throughout the country and can immediately respond to a TSCM request within the time it takes to drive to the client's location or board an airliner.


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