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MAI risk management programs include security surveys and vulnerability studies of office, facility and residential security, namely: risk analysis, physical security, technical security, operational security, access control, information security, executive security and crisis management planning.

The corporate security program details the matching of security procedures and equipment to the level of threat and to the desired level of protection.

Facility and Physical Security, Risk Analysis, and Security Surveys

  1. Security surveys are divided into two parts:
    1) an evaluation of the quality and effectiveness of the current security system;
    2) an assessment of additions and improvements needed to achieve the level of protection for personnel and property which would be commensurate with actual risk as well as cost-effectiveness from management's point of view.

  2. Risk analysis are likewise divided into two segments:
    1) a determination of most likely events, man-made or natural, which pose potential serious risk to employee safety and/or company operations, and
    2) assessing the degree to which current security/crises management plans and procedures address those potential risks.

MAI personnel walk through the surveys and inspections and focus on employee movement patterns, evaluation of check stand anti-theft and price verification procedures, break routines, security/safety consciousness as well as methods of inventory control, merchandise price labeling, high risk item storage and display, shipping and receiving, correspondence controls, computer security and many other activities which pose potential risk for sabotage, thefts, industrial espionage or serious accidents. Also included is an analysis of the socio-economic conditions and other demographic features of the surrounding community which are reliable predictors of both level and types of criminal activity common to that community and therefore a potential security risk to the facility as well.

Security inspections also are made of physical security items such as gates, fences, locks, hazardous materials storage facilities, electrical vaults, lighting; etc. Still photographs as well as video recordings are taken at all sites in order to conduct an even more detailed analysis of systems and procedures. Key executives are interviewed and their comments are helpful in terms of their insights and information about relevant company policies and procedures. MAI will also conduct an independent assessment of the availability, quality, and capabilities of local private security forces as well as for several local companies which specialize in electronic surveillance systems.


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