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Litigation Support

Law firms have used MAI associates in investigating the merits of claims and allegations material to a case; in the identification and location of witnesses; in the location of domestic and foreign assets. MAI associates can furnish expert witness testimony and there are no limitations on expert testimony.

MAI has effectively assisted major domestic and foreign law firms, general counsel, and corporate legal departments with investigative services in numerous civil and criminal cases. Our commitment in providing clients with the attention to detail and the follow-through of investigative assistance that they deserve, has made us notable in the industry.

MAI clients benefit from the care and attention of an investigative team with these important resources:

  1. The breadth of investigative experience that comes from former FBI Special Agent associates who have investigated large, unusual, complex and difficult legal cases.

  2. A deep pool of experienced investigative talent with principal and senior associates who have major track records in investigations.

  3. A seasoned team of expert witnesses.

  4. Complex cases are aided by a state-of-the-art computer system that includes research in the latest databases.

  5. MAI is a well-respected, hard hitting, competent and resourceful investigative firm.

  6. We specialize and enjoy the challenge of taking on hard cases.

MAI has assembled prosecutorial case files, through the collection, preservation and chain of custody of evidence, for referral to a regulator, FBI, and law enforcement agency and has counseled clients on negotiating with and how to deal with prosecutors.

MAI has the depth of talent and investigative experience it takes to win in today's courtroom battles.


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  1. (805)494-1744


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