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With offices in Mexico City since 2001, and given the high security risks in Mexico and in Latin America today, MAI offers corporate clients EXECUTIVE PROTECTION services throughout the region, especially the hot spots in: Mexico, Caracas, Venezuela, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janiero, Brazil, Colombia, among other high risk countries.

Why do highly placed business people need Executive Protection?  The truth is that they face threats to their safety and well-being at a higher degree that most other people face.  They are more attractive targets for criminals because their busier travel schedules expose them to more potential accidents and attacks. 

Seventy-five percent of the world’s kidnappings occur in Latin America. Today’s developing countries in Latin America are socially, politically and economically unstable. Predictions of a breakdown in law and order have turned out to be all too accurate, as is evident in the wave of violence unfurling over this hemisphere.

Services include:

  1. Personal Protection - Family Protection - Event Security

  2. Trained and vetted Mexican-national close protection agents, many of whom are former Estado Mayor (Mexico's Presidential Detail) specializing in  high risk details. In other high risk countries, trusted former high level military and police agents, most of whom are FBI National Academy graduates, are used. 

  3. A bi-lingual trained Protection Agent is present on every detail to supervise the security detail and client requirements. 

  4. Protection Agents cover all regions of Mexico , Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela.

Meet & Greet

  1. Escort from airport through customs and immigration

Armored Vehicles

  1. Level 3, 4 and 5

  2. Rentals and Sales

Security Drivers

  1. All drivers are trained in security defensive and evasive driving

GPS Tracking Devices

  1. Devices are available for Personal and vehicle tracking

Advance Security Planning – Route Plan Survey Medical response on the Security Detail

  1. An Advance is a personal inspection of all routes and areas a principal (protectee) will visit and a survey of all facilities available, hospitals, emergency health facilities, pharmacies, police stations, paramedics, potential problem areas such as choke points, secured and unsecured areas, check points. 

  1. The Advance is to learn about a protectee’s route and destination and all the details that affect the trip and stay.  Its practical effect is a preemptive strike against confusion and exposure to risk.


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